HH66 Vinyl Cement


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HH-66 is the world’s most effective PVC vinyl adhesive and is the Leading Adhesive for the Repair and Manufacture of Vinyl Tents, Awnings, Tarps, Liners, Signage, Matting, Inflatable’s, Automotive/Marine Interiors, Truck Covers, Biminis’s, Pool & Industrial Agriculture Equipment.

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HH-66 dries quickly with a very strong, yet flexible bond. It is not affected by weather and temperature extremes, and is highly resistant to oil, fuel, grease, and many other chemicals.

Application is by brush, roller, or squeeze bottle. Dried films may be reactivated to the tacky state by high heat or solvent.


  • Super-Strong
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible Bonds for Vinyl Coated and Vinyl Laminated Fabrics
  • Highly Resistant to Temperature and Weather Extremes
  • Excellent for Patching and Sealing
  • The best PVC cement in the industry
  • Made in the USA



  • HH-66 is not compatible with tarps made of polyethylene – sometimes called “poly tarps” – or with extremely thin vinyl (used for lettering/signage)
  • Continued exposure to direct sunlight may yellow excess HH-66 over time.  Excess adhesive should be removed.
  • HH-66 should not be used as a seam-sealing adhesive for fabrics exposed to the sun.


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