About Us

Established 26 years ago out of a shed in rural NSW, Paksac Australia has built a strong foundation in the textile manufacturing industry, supplying bags and other custom Australian made textile products to sectors such as government, mining, and private companies.

Working with our customers and clients, we have scaled the business and now primarily operate out of a facility situated in Raymond Terrace. We have developed over 50 types of bags and products specifically designed for Electricians, Fitters, Turners, Boilermakers, Riggers, Shotfirers, Mechanics, Carpenters, Miners, Truck Drivers, Campers, Mining Operators, and much more.

We pride ourselves in quality Australian made workmanship and take joy in the fact that 99% of our materials used are Australian made with Australian labour.

In March of 2022, we were acquired by the like minded company Austwide Products, who along with Paksac, specialise in domestic custom textile manufacturing. Brands within the Austwide Products corporation include Robco Products, King Canvas, Southern Tarpaulins, Castle Tarpaulins and Discount Tarpaulins.

With over 100 years of combined experience in textile manufacturing, our friendly staff are equipped and ready to meet your needs! We look forward to working with you!

The various trade bags we manufacture are designed for specific trade requirements. We try to design a bag that helps a tradesman or worker to organise and protect their tools efficiently. Some applications of our tool bags are for:

  • Electricians (domestic & industrial)
  • Fitters & Turners
  • Boilermakers
  • Riggers
  • Shotfirers
  • Mechanics
  • Carpenters
  • Mine Workers
  • Truck Drivers

In total we have a range consisting of around 55 different styles and sizes of bags and pouches.

Over the last few years we have branched out into camping gear and have quite a large range based on the outdoors,

  • Gas bottle covers
  • Cup link covers
  • Peg Bags
  • Hang washing bags
  • Anti-flap Kit Rolls
  • Hot pot bags
  • Toilet Roll holders
  • Fishing Bags